International Law

International Commercial Litigation

We can provide all legal services from Australian and Pakistan including;

  • Consultation for international commercial disputes; including litigation, Arbitration, Mediation and negotiation
  • We can be consulted for international commercial contracts
  • We can advise on international commercial transactions
  • We can be consulted on international trade including; sale/purchase of goods, shipment and financing to and from Australia and Pakistan

International Corporate Matters

We can provide all legal services from Australia and/or Pakistan for;

  • Incorporation of a company, corporation, not for profit organisation, charity organisation and/or any artificial entity.
  • Compliance of all corporate regulators such as Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) in Australia and Pakistan Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (PSEP)

International Family Disputes

We can provide all legal services for;

  • Family disputes between scattered families if any legal service is required from Australia or Pakistan
  • Legal assistance from Australia or Pakistan for all the issues related to validity of marriage
  • Legal assistance from Australian or Pakistan for all the parenting issues between parents and claimants including declaration, custody, maintenance, overseas travel and all related matters

International Wills, Probate and Administration Disputes

We can provide all legal services for;

  • Draft, execution and enforcement of wills; for the properties scattered internationally and the testament, the will maker, is in Australia or Pakistan and the assets are scattered anywhere in the world.
  • If any beneficiary or claimant is in Australia and Pakistan
  • If any asset or part of the asset is in Australia and Pakistan

International Criminal Law

We can be consulted for;

  • International extradition
  • Any matter under International Criminal Law including the matters related to International Criminal Court
  • Claims and defenses in the matters related to Crime Proceeds the assets, subjects and charges located or related to Australia and Pakistan