Pakistani Law

Legal services

We can provide legal services in all practice areas in Pakistan including;

Commercial and Corporate

  • Incorporation of all sorts of corporate vehicles including; commercial corporations, corporate companies, joint ventures, multinational commercial vehicles, partnerships, sole proprietor
  • Incorporation of entities for all sorts of commercial activities including; company, banks, insurance company, media house, trusts, not for profit organisation, charity organisation
  • Compliance of Corporate Regulators including Security and Exchange and Commission of Pakistan (SECP)
  • We can be consulted for any commercial contract or litigation
  • We can advise on legal aspects of all sorts of investment in Pakistan including; investment in real estate and stock market.
  • For any proposed investment in Pakistan in real estate, security market or in any other sector we strongly recommend getting independent responsible legal advice first, not necessary from us, but first get independent proper and responsible legal advice before investment in Pakistan
  • There are countless victims of investment in fake housing schemes in Pakistan Jatt Lawyers believes that this investment could have been saved if proper legal advice was obtained

Administrative Law

  • Constitutional writs and intra court appeals for enforcement of fundamental rights
  • Complaints against executive authorities including complaints before Federal and Provincial Ombudsman
  • Interdepartmental appeals and references including tax references and corporate regulatory appeals
  • Revenue board appeals and revisions for land record disputes and claims

Criminal Law

  • Criminal complaints and defences in all sort of criminal matters including; corporate crimes, white collar crimes and corruption charges
  • Criminal matters at all stages including; pre-arrest and post-arrest bails, plea bargain, trial, and appeals

Land Title and Land Grant Disputes

  • All sort of land disputes; including title of land, grant of land and land reform disputes
  • All forums of land disputes including land commissions and land revenue boards

Civil Disputes and Litigation

  • All sort of civil litigation including; contractual disputes, declaration of rights, injunctions and all civil law remedies
  • All forums and stages of civil litigation including; negotiation, mediation, arbitration, appeals, second appeals, revisions
  • Consumer law
  • Tort law
  • Insurance Law

Defamation Law

Defamation claims and defences

Family Law

  • Validity or separation of marriage
  • Property disputes within spouses including dower and maintenance claims and defences
  • Parenting disputes including custody of children

Inheritance Disputes

  • Draft of wills
  • Wills disputes
  • Succession Certificates
  • Letter of Administration